Paula Lovett

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As a child, Paula Lovett vividly remembers watching her parents and seeing their level of commitment they put into their work. Whether it was working out in the fields harvesting vegetables or taking care of Paula and her siblings, they always did it with great pride and personified a level of dedication that instilled Paula with a trademark approach to life.

For her, it’s all about having a genuine interest in every endeavor she undertakes. It’s only befitting that this local businesswoman’s last name echoes this philosophy. From her previous career in the medical field to her devotion to family to her community involvement, Paula understands that when you do what you love, people will love what you do.

Life Lessons

Growing up on a farm in West Virginia, Paula learned early on the importance of being dedicated to her life’s pursuits. She isn’t one who settles for just getting something done. She’s all about getting it done right. When an opportunity to apply her commitment to quality came up in the health care industry, Paula jumped right in. She knew the interpersonal environment the business offered was the perfect match for her compassionate nature.

Dedicated At Home

As a devoted mother, Paula not only takes time to make a positive difference in the lives of her own four children, but in the lives of other children as well. When she and her family are not out participating in the abundance of activities her hometown offers, she spends her spare time working in the nursery at her church. And whether it’s fishing, horseback riding or camping, Paula’s enthusiasm for the local lifestyle knows no bounds.


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