Helping Dogs Find their forever home!

Live Florida Realty has been helping people buy and sell homes for over 10 years!. We are continuing that journey with the SPCA in Lakeland, Florida with hopes to help as many dogs find home just as seamlessly. We will be sponsoring a dog each month until they get adopted. We will not only be covering the adoption fee, but we will be doubling that fee to give back to the SPCA organization. We want to help as many dogs as we can to find their forever home 🏡 ❤️ 🐶 

Meet Ty!

Meet Ty 🐶Ty is the longest senior resident in the kennel and enjoys cuddling, treats, & belly rubs! He is looking for a fur-ever spot on the couch. If you or anyone you know would like to make Ty’s Christmas dream come true, contact SPCA Florida or send us a direct message today!

Meet Bones!

Adoption Successfull!

Happy Halloween from Bones to you! 🎃 Today we share our latest sponsored pup from the SPCA Florida in Lakeland! Bones is a special dog that is featured on this holiday because of his name ☠️ But he has been at the SPCA for far too long and is looking for his furever family 🐶 Live Florida Realty will pay for his adoption fee as well as double the fee to give back to the SPCA. So head down there today to take this love-able dog home 🏡

Meet Skylin!

Adoption Successful!

Meet Skylin 🐕
Skylin is approximately 5 years old, she’s very energetic, and she’s been at the SPCA here in Lakeland since January 17th. Skylin’s favorite treats are made of pepperoni, she loves playing with tennis balls, and she’ll definitely jump on your lap if you’re sitting on the couch. This fur baby would be the perfect edition to your family! Skylin found herself at a high intake shelter where space was scarce and her time was running short.
But our friends at the SPCA here in Lakeland, FL saved her just in time! So come on down to the SPCA. The sky is the limit! So adopt Skylin today! 

Meet Bentley!

Adoption Successful!

Meet Bentley 🐶 - - Bentley is the gentle giant SPCA Florida. He enjoys car rides, sleeping in bed with you, and barking at small animals like lizards. He is 7 years, 11 months old turning 8 this September! Bentley does need chew toys because his mouth will wander to objects if it does not have a toy to chew on. He is very well mannered, potty trained, great on a leash, and a pleasure to be around ❤️ He is a very calm boy who needs to be in a home with no cats. He can be picky about canine friends so if you have a dog at home please bring them to meet Bentley before adopting him 🐈 🐕 If you or someone you know is interested in adopting this sweet animal, send us a private message today or comment below! 📲

Meet Tigger!

Adoption Successfull!

Meet Tigger! Tigger is a sweet old man at the SPCA in Lakeland, Florida. He is approximatley 7-9 years old. He came to the SPCA all the way from Miami and has been with SPCA Lakeland for a little over a year now, just waiting to get adopted! Do you know someone that could use a loving companion? Because we know Tigger could! If so, we encourage you to SHARE this post with your family and friends or on your social media pages. Live Florida Realty has a goal for the month of April and that is to find Tigger his forever home! And we are asking for YOUR help! We will be covering the adoption fee, so Tigger is completely FREE to take home with you!! We can't wait to help Tigger find HOME!