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I moved to Florida in 2000 from a small town east of Pittsburgh, PA.  I attended California University of Pennsylvania and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management, then went on to complete a Master's Degree in Business.

When I first moved to Florida I had high aspirations, as most college graduates do, of landing a six figure job.  Quickly realizing it wasn't realistic, I took a job at the apartment complex where I was living before I ran out of money.  I learned a great deal about property management and already had a background with construction.  I have always been somewhat of a tinkerer with a passion for tearing things down and rebuilding them.

A year after moving to Florida, I bought my first real estate investment property which I barely qualified for.  It was a small duplex in St. Petersburg, Florida and I was terrified but optimistic.  I successfully renovated and secured tenants for that property and moved on to another property six months later with newly gained confidence.  That was the beginning of my rehab and construction involvement. Now, I have almost fifteen years of property management, construction, rehab, house flipping, realty experience. I still love to do that kind of work and try to pass my Florida real estate experience on to my kids. Not sure if they listen.

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We have worked with hundreds of clients with property ranging from $17,000 to $2,200,000 and have overcome many different obstacles along the way to secure the best possible outcome for their Florida purchases.

If you trust us with your real estate plans, you will find that we are dedicated, trustworthy, open, reliable, and caring in adressing your entire buying or selling needs. We treat all of our clients like members of our own family.

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