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Hello my name is Javier and I am a Realtor with Live Florida Realty. After living in New York for almost a decade together with my immediate family we decided to move to Florida  after I graduated high school in 1991 and have resided in Lakeland ever since. Together with Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister we operated for over twenty years a very successful chain of family owned restaurants in Tampa, Orlando, Plant City and Lakeland. Both of my parents installed the passion and importance of entrepreneurship to both myself and my siblings.

Before embarking on my journey in Real Estate I was a Certified Personal Trainer. As a trainer I became aware of the importance of teaching individuals how to live better lives through exercising, nutrition and proper rest. Today as a Real Estate agent I get to keep the joy of teaching combined with Real Estate knowledge. The duties involved in teaching and securing a home can often be life changing.

I have always taken a sincere interest in the people I work with and developing alongside my teammates. The friendly environment of Live Florida Realty has truly done wonders harboring my growth in real estate and as a person. The positivity of Live Florida Realty combined with my natural sense of empathy, attentiveness, and strategic thinking all come together for the benefit of my clients, the amazing group of people I work with, and most of all the great communities that make-up Lakeland and Central Florida. I am also a native Spanish speaker allowing me to enable a larger group of home buyers and sellers to achieve their dreams! I am at your service for any and all of your Real Estate questions or services. 

We have worked with hundreds of clients with property ranging from $17,000 to $2,200,000 and have overcome many different obstacles along the way to secure the best possible outcome for their Florida purchases.

If you trust us with your real estate plans, you will find that we are dedicated, trustworthy, open, reliable, and caring in adressing your entire buying or selling needs. We treat all of our clients like members of our own family.

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